Your integration solution for Salesforce and Xero is right here.

Meet TwixRiva, the application giving you Xero invoicing, payments, bills and timesheets directly in your Salesforce platform.

Xero Integration

Invoicing made easy

Create, view and send invoices directly to customers from Salesforce at the click of a button. Drive the financial performance of your customers and projects directly in Salesforce. Create invoices from any custom object in Salesforce. Save time, improve accuracy, fast-track time-to-payment.

Invoice Status Tracking

Gain real-time visibility in Salesforce for your customers’ Due, Paid and Overdue invoices. Proactively manage your customer payment cycles and get paid faster.

Integrate supplier bills

Create and track supplier bills from any custom object in Salesforce.

Xero Dashboard

Track customer health with dashboards and reports

Easy-to-create dashboards and reports help you focus and take action to maximise the financial health of your customer portfolio. Track suppliers and identify trends in meeting your payment deadlines.

Timesheets talk directly to payroll

Timesheets submitted in Salesforce feed directly into Xero to streamline your payroll. Single entry data increases accuracy and saves valuable hours.


Data sync for consistency and accuracy

Two-way synchronisation between Salesforce and Xero gives you reliable data across both platforms every time. Reducing double-handling of vital financial data increases accuracy and saves time.

A Salesforce native solution to integrate seamlessly with your Xero accounting software.

  • Easy to Install: User-friendly features and mobile-enabled to facilitate proactive financial management of customer and supplier accounts from anywhere.
  • Secure: Controlled access to customer and supplier accounting based on user profiles within Salesforce and Xero means you have two layers of safety.
  • Reliable: A two-way solution to synchronise data between Salesforce and Xero, ensuring your key people can access consistent, accurate data from either platform to efficiently fulfil their roles.

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  • Synchronise Contacts from Xero to Salesforce
  • Create Xero Invoice from Opportunities in Salesforce
  • Create Xero Invoice from Order in Salesforce
  • Create Xero Invoice from any Standard or Custom Object
  • Download Xero Invoice directly from Salesforce
  • Synchronise payments from Xero to Salesforce
  • View invoices and credits on a Salesforce Account
  • Multi Currency
  • Synchronise Bills from Xero to Salesforce
  • Create Xero Bills from Custom Objects in Salesforce
  • Create Xero Purchase Order from Standard or Custom Object in Salesforce
  • Create timesheets in Salesforce and push to Xero

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